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Ballot papers

Logga Val 9 september 2018

This page contains information about the allocation of responsibilities, handling etc. of ballot papers in conjunction with the election in Älmhult Municipality in 2019.

The municipality provides certain ballot papers

In conjunction with parliamentary, municipality and county council elections, the municipality orders and provides ballot papers for the following parties

  • Arbetarepartiet-Socialdemokraterna (Social Democrats)
  • Centerpartiet (Centre Party)
  • Feministiskt initiativ (Feminist Initiative)
  • Liberalerna (Liberals)
  • Kristdemokraterna (Christian Democrats)
  • Miljöpartiet de gröna (Green Party)
  • Moderaterna (Moderate Party)
  • Piratpartiet (Pirate Pary)
  • Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats)
  • Vänsterpartiet (Left Party)

The municipality also provides blank ballot papers.

Other parties are responsible for ordering their ballot papers for the election.

Placement of ballot papers in polling stations

Ballot papers in polling stations should be placed in the neutral ballot paper holders which the municipality provides. No other ballot paper holders are permitted. The ballot paper holders shall be placed behind a screen, in order to guarantee that voters can choose their ballot papers alone. Voters are to choose their ballot papers alone. Therefore, voters are allowed behind the screen one person at a time.

The ballot papers are to be placed in the ballot paper holders in alphabetical order according to the name of the party on the ballot paper. Alphabetical order applies to all parties. An explanatory poster will be present in all polling stations. In the event of uncertainty regarding placement, contact the election administrative office.

The polling staff are responsible for keeping the ballot paper holders organised. The parties may not move the ballot papers in the holder on their own initiative.

Distribution of ballot papers at polling stations

Sometimes, on election day, party representatives distribute ballot papers to voters outside of polling stations. It is important to note that this is only permitted outside of polling stations.

It is forbidden to distribute ballot papers or in any other way distribute election propaganda or political propaganda in polling stations and adjoining premises. The municipality encourages the parties to respect this and to follow the instructions of the polling staff.

Election day, 26 May

The election district is responsible for ensuring that polling stations have blank ballot papers and ballot papers only for the parties for which the municipality provides ballot papers. If the ballot papers for one of those parties begin to run out at an polling station, the polling staff there must immediately contact the election administrative office to remedy this.

Other parties are responsible for making sure there is enough of their ballot papers at the polling stations. The election district is not obligated to inform the parties if such ballot papers run out.

Voting in advance

Polling staff are responsible for ensuring the municipality-provided ballot papers are available in the advance voting locations. If any type of these ballot papers runs out at an advance voting location, the polling staff must immediately contact the election administrative office to remedy this.

The parties are ultimately responsible themselves for ballot papers with candidate names being available in the polling stations. However, the election administrative office offers the parties the opportunity to submit to the municipal building ballot papers for distribution to all advance voting locations.

The election administrative office guarantees that ballot papers with candidate names dropped off prior to 4:30 p.m. (Monday – Friday) will be distributed to all advance voting locations before the next time each respective advance voting locations opens.

The election administrative office and polling staff guarantee that ballot papers will be handled responsibly. However it is not possible to guarantee that they will not run out. The polling staff are not obligated to inform the parties if the ballot papers with candidate names run out.

Before and during the advance voting period, the parties may drop off ballot papers with candidate names at the municipal building’s reception.