The strategic development plan

The council’s overall goal is for the population to increase to 20,000 residents in the long term, while the short-term goal is for the population to grow by at least 1 percent a year. To reach these goals the Municipal Council of Älmhult has adopted a strategic development plan, the plan shows which areas the municipal council have selected as important to work on.

What is a strategic development plan?

The Municipal Council of Älmhult has adopted a strategic development plan for the years
2015–2019 and the strategic development plan is superordinate to all other governing documents.
- The plan sets clear development targets. This means that we will focus on certain areas and regularly follow up and evaluate to ensure a positive development for Älmhult municipality. The strategic development plan will make it easier to see that we are doing the right things for the residents of the municipality, says Tomas Rikse, chief executive officer.

Why does the municipality have to increase its population?

Population growth contributes to us being able to do more with the tax money. An increase of
1,000 residents generates an extra tax revenue of around SEK 40 million per year. This extra
money lets us improve the quality of, and offer a wider variety within the municipal services, such as education and healthcare.

Population growth also makes it easier for businesses to find suitable staff. This is good for the local commerce and industries.

Population growth also contributes to greater demand in commerce and services, which in the
long run creates more employment opportunities.

How will we achieve our goals?

The strategic development plan identifies five major focus areas crucial to the achievement
of our goals. The two permanent areas “Economy” and “Employees” serve to facilitate the
other focus areas.

Focus areas

  • Economy
    The municipality’s work shall fundamentally be characterised by sound financial management.
  • Employees
    The municipality shall strive to be and be perceived as a good employer. All employees shall be well aware of the fact that they are working for the benefit of the citizens.
  • Can
    People shall be able to live in Älmhult. We must ensure a level of basic services which makes it possible to remain in or move to Älmhulte, such as housing, labour market and childcare.
  • Want
    People shall want to live in Älmhult. We need to boost the appeal of Älmhult by improving the quality of municipal services, developing attractive residential environments and becoming the safest municipality in southern Sweden.
  • Know
    People must know that it is possible and appealing to live in Älmhult. Marketing and brand building are essential. The municipality shall be branded “Älmhult – Home of home”, based on the fact that Älmhult is the heart of IKEA. The development of the urban environment, the area around the railway station and, by extension the entire municipality will be characterized by “Älmhult – Home of home”.

Examples of what we will work on in order to reach the targets:

  • A living, tidy and inviting town centre
  • Increased housing construction
  • An attractive range of leisure and culture activities
  • The best schools in Sweden where pupils thrive and are safe. Focus on education and results
  • Good public health, safety, security and a sustainable society