Monthly fee

As soon as you buy subscription from one of the providers you are obliged to pay communal network fee to ElmNet AB.

Communal fee

Price SEK/month


Network fee, private

50 SEK incl VAT

Only with an active subscription

Network fee, company

80 SEK excl VAT

Only with an active subscription


In case you would like to wait with subscription to any services after you got fiber in your house, you don’t have to pay any recurrent fee until you activate a subscription.

An open network

Älmhult municipality has a so-called open network. In the open network neither operator no network owner can decide for you what service or speed you should choose – you choose everything yourself! You can find a variety of providers and services on the webpage almhult.zmarket.seexternal link. This stimulates higher competitiveness in the network which gives you as a network user both lower prices and shorter contract periods.

With Zmarket you can easily make up a set of services suitable exactly for you or your family/company. You can choose between wide range of providers, services and channels. Network operators include for example the following ones: