Every IKEA has a small department with bargains called "Fynd". In Älmhult this bargain department is a store of its own, right next to the main IKEA. This is the only one in the world and it is definitely worth a visit while you are here.

Find even cheaper furnitures and products than in the ordinary IKEA. Several IKEA stores send their second classed products here in order for you to find it and buy it for close to nothing... Usually the small faults are hard to see. IKEA Fynd also experiments with special IKEA products that hasn't yet reached the ordinary IKEA collections. They have a personal and fun Instagram-page which you may view here.external link

The ordinary IKEA store in Älmhult is a "Full collection IKEA". Since a lot of the product development and central administration has offices in Älmhult this IKEA store is often the arena for trying new concepts and product communication.

Älmhults Handelsplats

Älmhults handelsplats is the name of the place where IKEA and IKEA Fynd are located. It is next to road 23 and within walking distance from Älmhult station and main square, with about 15 minutes walking. Here are everything between building material stores, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, pet store, shoe store and outlets. An option for walking here is bus number 30 that is a free bus between the centre of Älmhult and Älmhults Handelsplats. It departures three times every hour from Älmhult bus station.

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