The Älmhult district offers many possibilities to unforgettable fishing adventures.

More information about fishing and fishing-licences is available by using the search engine at our Activities pageexternal link.


All fishing-grounds are private, but a permit (fishing-licence) for the appropriate stretch of water will give you the right to fish, generally with angling rods, spinning rods and jigs.

The permit must be shown on demand to authorized inspectors. Failure to do so may result in the confiscation of your fishing equipment.

Trout-fishing is not allowed between 1 October and 28 February.

Sheatfish (freshwater catfish) is protected at all times.

Importing fish or other animals to be used as bait to Sweden is forbidden.

Put back fish that do not meet the minimum lengths:
pike-perch: 45 centimeters
trout: 20 centimeters
eel: 50 centimeters
pike: 40 centimeters

Local rules

Local fishing-grounds will generally have specific by-laws as to fishing methods, minimum catch size, protected areas and times of the year prohibited for fishing. You are advised to ask for the relevant information when buying your fishing-licence or permit.

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