Bathing places

Badplatser i Älmhults kommun

Welcome to one of our bathing places. Here you will find the ones that Älmhult municipality are responsible for.  

Badplats vid sjön Möcklen.


Big and family friendly with a shallow sand beach.

Bökhults badplats


Big bathing place right by the camping.

Diö badplats.


Nice bathing place in a tranquil environment.

Valje badplats i Virestad

Välje badplats

Big bathing place for the whole family. Nice shallow sand beach and a lot of areas for the kids to play on.

Sandörens badplats i Haradsbäck.

Sandören, Häradsbäck

Tranquil, small and cozy bathing place.

Vägla, Hallaryd

A nice, cozy and small bathing place in a lovely environment.

Ramnäs badplats


Big and cozy bathing place in a tranquil environment. Friendly for children with a shallow beach.


Small bathing place right by the river with a new nice sand beach.

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