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We’ve laid out a rich smörgåsbord for you to sample and enjoy. Our municipality offers plenty of experiences to enjoy and adventures for the taking – the countryside, fishing, history, sights and shopping.

Discover Älmhult on land

Are you a country lover? If so, you’ve come to the right corner of the world. There’s plenty to explore here and lots of lovely places just waiting to be discovered. Signposted cycling and walking routes run around Lake Römningen and the ancient burial site with stone cists (graves). Go for a bike ride through the beautiful Småland countryside to one of Älmhult’s biggest sights, Råshult, the home of Carl Linnaeus.

The countryside around Älmhult is extremely varied, spanning the unique rolling landscape in the south-eastern corner with erratic rocks, to the green countryside in the north. The stretch of land east of Lake Möckeln contains nature reserves with fantastic scenery. The reserves are located at: Taxås, Höö, Stenbrohult, Kronan, Stockanäs, Tångarna and Möckelsnäs.

Höö has one of the highest numbers of different species in Småland, while Kronan nature reserve where the bedrock is granite, has rare species of flora. Take your picnic basket, get your boots on and enjoy a walk in leafy woodland.

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Discover Älmhult from the water

If you’re a water lover, you’ve come to the right place. With hundreds of lakes, Älmhult is a waterborne paradise.

Lake Möckeln even contains the wels catfish, a protected species. There are great opportunities for fishing in lakes and ponds. Gustavsfors, a historical industrial community, is known for its canoeing but game fishing is very popular too. Visit and try your luck at angling after a walk through the historic landscape. Boats can be hired on many of the lakes.

Canoeing along the river Helge å through the varied countryside is a true adventure. Along its banks you will find everything from farmed fields to forests and lakeside landscapes. You’re sure to find your very own perfect spots. Opt for short canoeing trips, or embark on a week-long voyage of discovery. You decide on how big an adventure you want to have!

If you enjoy swimming, there are plenty of places just for you. The biggest is adjoining Sjöstugans camping. Many families prefer to go to Välje where the water is shallow.

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