ISÄ Organisational Structure

The School organization chart clarifies who is responsible for certain areas in the school and who you should turn to for specific question.

The Head of School overseas the whole school and the Deputy Head is in charge over the Fritids team and the EYP team. The PYP coordinator leads the PYP team and the MYP coordinator leads the MYP team. The SWT coordinator leads the Student Welfare team. Together they form the Pedagogic Leadership Team (PLT). The class-teachers and mentors are usually the first contact for parents and students. Administration looks after all admissions and initially handles contact with applying teachers. The ICT coordinator leads the pedagogic development within IT, as well as maintain IT hardwares.




Maria Haglund, Head of School

Emelie Jönsson, Deputy Head of School; EYP and Fritids Team Leader

Jesie Blijden MYP Coordinator

Peter Sagun, Deputy Head of School; PYP Coordinator

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