Building & Construction

The Building and Construction Course at Haganässkolan is arranged over three terms and represents full-time studies. Workplace learning is included. During the period of the course, subjects comprising 1,450 Gymnasium points are studied.

Last date for applications to start on the Spring 2018 course is 15 November.
Click here for application form.PDF (pdf, 272.1 kB)

Your application must be accompanied by a personal letter.

National courses/Gymnasium courses, 1450 academic points (p)
Term 1
The Housebuilding Process, 200 p
Housebuilding  1, 100 p
Introductory Course, 100 p

Term 2
Housebuilding 2, 200 p
Housebuilding 3, 200 p

Term 3
Wood 1 - structure, 100 p
Wood 2 - facade, 100 p
Wood 3 - assembly, 100 p
Other courses, 100 p

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