Culture & Leisure

The cultural life of Älmhult is characterised by diversity, commitment and joy. Here it is possible to take part in and be a part of the cultural life.

In Älmhult municipality there is the opportunity to become involved with a wide cultural life and pursue an active leisure time which provides residents with a richer and healthier life. The municipality has a varied association life with around 200 associations and 140 establishments. You'll find everything here from interest groups and sports associations to religious groups.


The library in Älmhult is a meeting place for everyone. Älmhult's library service has a main library in central Älmhult and a number of smaller libraries in the municipality's towns. The library offers a large variety of books in many different languages. There is also literature and media, activities for all ages and opportunities for tuition. Read more on the library's own website or make a visit to get help from a librarian.

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